Doctor Strange 2’s Full Illuminati Line-Up Teases Big Future MCU Character

18:01 06/05/2022

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduces a version of the Illuminati to the MCU, but does it also tease a future MCU character?

We have been promised some big surprises from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and for the most part, the movie delivered. While there is still much about the multiverse unexplained, and the ultimate crossover event that seemed to begin with Loki and is still to be fully realized, the introduction of The Illuminati in Doctor Strange’s new foray into the multiverse offers up a very interesting potential future arrival to the MCU. This article will contain spoilers for Multiverse of Madness, so teleport away if you don’t want to know.

Marketing for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has made it no secret that a version of The Illuminati would be appearing in the movie, and while teases of Professor X, Captain Carter and Maria Rambeau as Captain Marvel gave away three members, there are three that remained hidden from view until the movie’s arrival that will come as a surprise for many.

The first of these is Karl Mordo, who in the trailers is not clearly different from the character that appeared in Doctor Strange in 2016. Having not appeared since the post credit scene of that movie, in Multiverse of Madness the version of Mordo is not the magically disillusioned character we already know, but has instead assumed the role of Sorcerer Supreme following the death of Doctor Strange in this variation of reality.

The second surprising inclusion in the group is Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans, who was last seen in the ill-fated TV series that came on the back of the canceled movie featuring the lesser known Marvel group. Played by Anson Mount, as he was in the TV show, Black Bolt is a character that no one expected to be turning up in the MCU anytime soon, but his inclusion does show exactly how Marvel are dealing with all of their relatively new TV shows and movies that were not explicitly part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The final member of The Illuminati, is Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four, who is played by John Krasinski. For months, Krasinski has been trending as an actor fans wanted to see take over the role of Richards in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie and his appearance in Multiverse of Madness may well confirm that will be happening. While there has yet to be any official announcement about the casting of The Fantastic Four movie, which recently lost director John Watts, it could be something that will now be made official following the appearance of Krasinski in this movie.

John Krasinski Is Now Very Likely To Play Reed Richards In The Fantastic Four

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